Recent Book Covers

Ah my long neglected blog.  Been so busy designing book covers I haven’t had time to put them on my blog! I have really enjoyed doing these – I am very comfortable working to this format.

The first is ‘Into The Woods’ – an anthology of writings published by AppleTree Writers (twitter: @apltreewriters)  for the CoastWord Festival (twitter: @CoastWordFest). I took my previous sketches of Lochend Woods and scanned them in and manipulated them in Photoshop.



Next I was honoured to be asked by super talented poet Sheree Mack (twitter: @SheSheMack) to design a cover for her limited edition publication ‘Borrowed Light’.  The work in this cover was mainly in the decision about colour and the text.  It has a strong graphic feel which I like and strong colours which appealed to Sheree’s aesthetics too.  The petrol/denim blues for the seas and rocks and the lime green for sand give it a kind of retro feel. I think!


And finally the cover for Speak! Another anthology to be published by Appletree Writers.  The writings are inspired by the idea of speaking in and speaking out and so I thought of using the image of a megaphone and Rodin’s the thinker.  I wanted the cover to be loud so I chose a huge font size for the title and capital letters and I chose bright attention grabbing colours which clash a bit, but in a good way.  The clashing between speaking in and speaking out perhaps?  Anyway, here it is.


The last two book colours have included no sketching or hand drawn element at all and I am missing that relationship with the work.  I am going to work on my sketching now and maybe try a bit of painting of printing so I can keep developing my style.

Thanks for reading!




One comment

  1. Hi Kate,
    I love all the designs,what a busy bee you are!
    Love Wendy x

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