Book covers designed for Appletree Writers

Hello!  Been a while since my last blog post. I’ve been working away on three book covers for Appletree Writers publishing.  I was approached because of my love of surface pattern so the brief was to produce covers with beautiful surface pattern.  I hope I have achieved this.  Here they are…




I drew all the pattern motifs by hand and traced elements for the reliefs.   My favourite is the butterfly. I’m really into yellow at the moment.  Too much cold, dark weather recently perhaps!  I find it very calming.   I thought the starfish design would be the easiest and my original plan was to do the starfish as a relief, like the butterfly design, but it is rock hard to draw a starfish so that it doesn’t look too unbalanced, and when you manipulate it to look more balanced it just looks like a star.  I’m glad it didn’t work out because I think the shell is a strong image and works better than the starfish relief would have.   The Harbour threw up some problems too.  The original background colour was a rusty, reddy, browny colour.  Unfortunately, against this colour, the traditional lobster pots looked like Tunnocks Teacakes! Hmmm.  The lobster pot, again made an unappealing relief but the birds I’m happy with.

So, my appetite for surface pattern design just gets stronger.  I’ve a couple more months of practice and experiment before embarking on Module 2 of The Art and Business of Surface Pattern Design and I cannot wait.  Watching the Module 1 alumni win competitions and produce fantastic work is just brilliant and it is ALL GOOD!


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