How to Draw an Apple

I’ve had poorly children and a flood (!) to contend with so haven’t anything to post from my surface pattern designs but this is How to Draw an Apple.

First sharpen your pencil,
then start slowly, feeling your way,
caressing gently as an approaching kiss
the cheek of it.
Next handle the form, the fullness,
the heavy cool of its weight.
Suggest its dark spaces with soft lead
and lend some texture
with a little light stippling.

Then, angling the graphite edge,
you are moved to score the peel
and find it bruising, the sweet sap
bleeding to the surface,
and just for the hell of it dig the point in,
split the red coat to work away at it,
probing, worrying the crisp white flesh,
until you can’t help yourself
stabbing your way through its pith
and seed-case in something approaching
an evisceration.

And then you’ll capture it,
expose the sin deep under the skin,
discover the deep sad heart at its core.


From my dad’s new poetry book, The Crossing.   Only £6 if anyone wants to buy a copy!  Leave me a comment or tweet me @katec1976


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