Children’s designs

Not had much chance to do surface pattern lately, what with half term and the dreaded norovirus – Urgh.  Anyway, when I did finally find a minute or two I thought I’d try some designs for children’s bedrooms/playrooms.  I’m always drawn to cool designs for kids cause lets face it you still want your kids rooms and playrooms to fit your style don’t you?  I mean, I do love my children dearly but never ever will I allow a poster of IgglePiggle or will I say yes to a Disney Princess duvet cover…  Cruel? Perhaps.

Using Photoshop and Illustrator I have begun to put together some A-Z designs.  I’ve used some of my previous patterns as backgrounds or fills, which I have really really enjoyed doing.  Originally I’d thought of these as a simple wall frieze but friends have suggested oil cloths, poster prints, individual letter cards and prints so who knows!









Lots to work on here.  Do I keep lots of pink in and hope they will sell for boys and girls or should I reduce amount of pink, maybe changing to red and orange in places?  I could do two colour schemes and perhaps with different objects?…hmmm. Do I use a capital letter for each A-Z or keep it lower case as in ‘rabbit’.  Lots to think about but it’s great fun playing around with it all.




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