Monthly Archives: December 2012

A colour exercise in Illustrator & Happy New Year…

…and I’m full, fat and happy. Good Christmas.  Missed doing my course though and thought what better than a wet and windy day to get going again.  So whacked on  6Music to Tom Odell singing away.  Beautiful! Best music I’ve heard for yonks. EP (Songs from Another Love) bought within minutes to soundtrack my afternoon. […]

Doodling – Practising illustration

Ooh it’s been a long time hasn’t it?!  The days are just whizzing by at the moment.  Anyway we’re nearing the end of the first module of  The Art and Business of Surface Pattern Design *boo hoo sniff* and we’ve been looking at the four key areas of surface pattern and homing in on our […]

First Ever Box Repeat Pattern…It’s getting very exciting now!

Wk 4 and 5 we’re concentrating on PATTERN. Yey! So, I start with trepidation when I see a lesson on how to make a tile for a box repeat.  I needed a ruler and it dawned on me that I hadn’t used a ruler for a long, long time.  Anyway I found one shoved up […]

Colour – quite hard actually! Really hard in fact.

The trouble with having a blog is that you  have to sometimes expose yourself.  Yes, today I feel naked.  As naked as the day I was born! Ooh the embarrassment… Reason? I’m not happy at all with what I did today *sigh*.  But it’s what my blog is for after all;  a place to put […]