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‘Chip-it!’ – I think I may have died and gone to heaven

We’re working on colour this week (yippeeee) and there’s a FAB colour tool online.  So! You upload a photo that you like the colours in.  I uploaded three I took from a holiday in the Highlands, and one from London.  And with the magic of  ‘Chip-it!’ you get a colour palette based on the colours in the […]

Transferring sketches to surface pattern using Adobe Photoshop…

So this is where the fun begins…for me anyway. Turning sketches into repeated patterns.  First I drew a simple motif… Then I scanned it into Adobe Photoshop and repeated it across the page… Then I thought I’d play around with the repeat and add a colour… And again… So I can tell its going to […]

Pencil vs pen and knowing when to stop…

Yawn.. Late isn’t it? Must go to bed soon… So I initially thought I loved pencils.  What I like about pencils is that you can express such emotion with them. Press hard on a line and it appears darker and heavier.  Like the earlier motif I did.. So I stuck with pencils for my first […]

Sketch of Lochend Woods

So Wk 2, sketching.  So I bought some fine-liners the other day and gave them a bash tonight.  This is a pic I took on my mobile of the woods near my house.  The picture isn’t very clear but what I liked about the scene was the background of turning trees (some evergreen, some deciduous) […]

Wk 2 – The Art & Business of Surface Pattern Design

It’s all about sketching! Think I’m drawn to pencil but will give the fineliners a go.  Will publish results throughout the week.  In the meantime I just love the simplicity of this, and the colour by Marthe Armitage, whom I presume is in the picture!

Oh and I love this for inspiration…

From yesterday’s Guardian Weekend Feature ‘Lovely Bones’

The Art & Business of Surface Pattern Design e course has started…

So..what better way to document it than start a live blog. Eek!  So, week 1. Wow, what can I say? Already I’ve been sketching away and coming up with patterns as if my pencil has a mind of its own.  The inspiration and encouragement given by Rachael Taylor is fantastic.  I honestly believe one day […]